One of those days where my ducks are all over,going in multiple directions,carrying maces and clucking Baby Shark. No clean clothes so reuse it is. No bra? Can’t be arsed. You said yesterday you would get groceries tomorrow,here it is. No,not looking like this. No,now my kid is cussing me for changing plans. DO SOME FUCKING LAUNDRY!No,the sink is draining even slower,cannot cope with overflow right now. Beautiful day out but the shrieking kids at the park have me missing 5pm darkness. Wait,this spot on the floor is filthy,let’s….SNAP. just broke a $16 mop. Ducks everywhere. Quacking. Earlier I said clucking cos the word escaped…DUCKS!!!

Fuck it. So I sit in my recliner of safe space,cringing at ambient noise and still a little pissy cos a so called FB friend basically accused me of being on there so much I neglect my kid. Wtf? 13 year olds don’t want too much family time. And we are together 24-7. We spent 6 hours playing games last night. But sure,my kid is unfed,naked,crying and totally neglected…Well meaning people can suck as much as straight up assholes. So…a little humor to cope. No children were neglected in the 4 minutes it took to find these memes.🙄🙄🙄

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