Hygiene Hijinks

Ok,so no hijinks but no fucking way should showering be so difficult I struggle to do it once a week. I am not alone. I read other blogs and depression paints showering a barely surmountable task. I enjoy feeling clean and smelling nice so Idk why it is so hard.

Nice ish day out so neighbor kids are out screeching in the warm sun. My kid already had a blow up this morning. Over me not knowing if my sis is playing Bingo tonight. From there it became assasinate mom’s character on 8 diff failings. And then…he was all I love yous. HOW can the so called professionals give me NO help with this kid?

So Bingo tonight. Something to get us out of the house. Family time. Adult conversation. Soo sick of hearing about Tiktok and other mentally deficient social media. It is supposed to be fun distraction. My kid wields it as gospel. And I am exhausted. Breaking down in ways I cannot explain. Yet because my meds finally hold suicidal thoughts at bay,the only help I qualify for is outpatient therapy. So I can come home to everything breaking me down.

Mental illness is a hell no one should have to live.


One Response to “Hygiene Hijinks”

  1. I agree! It is just hell being mentally ill! I love you girl! I’m sorry Ben is breaking you down, and assinating your character! Xoxo

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