Nervous Nellie

My kid has been home 3 days with a stomach ache. He has a dr appt at 2 todau. Just in time because I got a letter from the school today about missing so much school and a dr note is required here on out. I have had this kid at the dr 4 times as of today and nothing changes,nothing shows up on tests. I hope she orders X rays of Ben’s belly. I have neen trying not to spaz out but my mind is always on what if he is bleeding internally or his appendix burst…we tried the ER but left after 2 hours of the kid rolling on tje floor whimpering in.pain. They didn’t even offer a blanket or let us use the family room. There were 2 very rude women blaring their phones,talking on speaker,playing music…we basically fled. My anxiety was enveloping so coming home was a relief.

So there is my rant. Back to nervous Nellie mode,not by choice.


6 Responses to “Nervous Nellie”

  1. Hope he is feeling better

  2. How did the Doctor appointment go?

  3. Hey… how are you doing?

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