My day started at 4:45 am. Come 9 am phone counseling,my dumbass gripped the phone so tight I restarted the phone accidentally TWICE. She called back and in the midst of this,my kid started texting,asking me to fake a family emergen y and get him out of school. To me the solution was he needed a change if pants pet his chief complaint. I went into his room to find some…and found didhes,trSh,piles of clothes,inc his brand new stuff. And I felt so betrayed because I trusted him to at least obey the no trash or food rule. All this time sneaking stuff and exploding if I even tried to peek in…so I ended counseling early and told him no go,change into gym class sweatpants cos I saw the mess…and he dropped the drama fast.

Then dad called,nagging me to call J about my car oil change. So I bravedmaking that call,had to leave a msg,but no word. After this,the school prcpl called to prattle about my kid’s issues and the meeting is rescheduled Monday and 7,8 people will be there to discuss the 504 (special ed) plan. This after a 10 from the vice prcpl yesterday. Follwing this,a call from youth authority,forced on us by the school. Lastly,a call from emergency psych the school made to check in on Ben. Wtf?

I am.phoned and school drama’d the fuck out. I cannot even manage 1 fucking hour a week to myself to tend to my mental health. I live on red alart waiting for the next calamity call. So despite doingvery little housework ( but several petri dish errands) I am bloody exhausted. Not yet 8pm but all I want is sleep. And to put my phone on do not disturb so people will.let me fucking breathe. Email would be better. I email like a mofo. Calls…EWW.

Plus side,after 20 mins waiting in line at the dealership I have a door and trunk key now. At least one task went as planned and got done between the damn phone stalking. I miss the single digits. Momming a 13 year old is sucking the life out of me. This is WORK. Mental work. Now…I pray for sleep. Even an hour would reboot my brain.

Phones,used for calls,are the devil’s doing. I hate calls. HATE.


  1. …you dealt honestly with your kid, you called for the oil change, you dealt with the Principal / Youth Authority / the rest of it, and you got the keys for the car done. You’re right to be exhausted, but you also accomplished a lot today.

    I think it’s also a good thing that you’re getting so many calls regarding your kid, just a few years ago a school would have just cut ties with a ‘troubled’ student and been done with it. I know that’s what they did with me (more than a few years ago, but still).

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