Managing Sensory Overload?

It has quieted but three days have been sensory overload. Ben brought this hyper noisy friend into.our lives,then had a blow up/meltdown when I agreed ro keep her cos the babysitter fell througj at 5:30am. It was neighborly thing to do and her mom found someone else so other than both of our overloaded senses,I saw no reason for the blow up. But Ben has had 3 infections and 3 antibiotics in under a month snd still missing school cos of not feeling well so who knows what bee is buzzng in his bonnet.

No sooner than the girl left,in popped family friend C. Eating our food,showing.up unannounced,constantly talking…Nicer guy you won’t find so I don’t complain. Just a lot of overload.

Now all is still. Except my mind. It is a funnel cloud with a herd of cattle swirling around a thousand distorted thoughts. Paranoia,panic,anxiety,bad juju,impending doom. I am juggling it all with little relief from meds. Gabapentin is yseless for anxiety and panic but was all I could get and only a month. She seems to even frown upin antihistamines for anxiety. Ridiculous to have my quality of life decreased due to the bias of one person. Should have kept the domineeering NP who decided I would quit smoking and co.on blood pressure meds for anxiety. None of which did anything but make my anxiety worse.

Starting to feel smothered and trapped because my kid never feels well enough for school. It is icky but you gotta tough many things out. In my case,life itself. Part of why I have been absent from here is this physical thing. The numbmess continues to.plague me and the liss of sensation in fingers makes it typing soo difficultt. It is soul crushing. And this rarely proper function But I battle on,even if my only true happiness,9 months running,is sleep.


2 Responses to “Managing Sensory Overload?”

  1. I never heard of some of those things you mentioned to help your anxiety. They are medicines for other disorders or diseases so why would they work for anxiety. Pardon my saying, but your doctor sounds like a wacko.

    I just had to complain about this new woman I saw for my mental illnesses and she broke the Hippa Law by having a session in the main hallway with other residents listening and she decided in 5 to 10 minutes that my long term provider was wrong and I had schizophrenia. My older provider said absolutely not and she can’t tell a diagnosis/evaluation in a few minutes plus she wants to change my meds that are working. I was told I could go back to my old provider thank God.

  2. sorry your anxiety is so bad and you have no meds to help with it, the doctor sounds as if she is a wack job!

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