Real Neat Blog Award and Stuff N Things

Not to be ungrateful because it’s very flattering to get two award post shout outs in a 3 day span. But my attention span is about the size of a grain of salt, so allow me to combine both the Real Neat Blog Award and Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! Thanks to Emilia and Irut for the shoutout, forgive me if I forego nominations as I don’t know that many people outside the same ones already nominated. I do, however, challenge others to participate in answering the questions.

Real Neat Questions: (I did both, just for fun, sorry Emilia)
-black is my favorite color
-I admire many people and have during the course of my life. It’s always going to be the ones true to themselves even when it makes them outsiders whom I admire most.
-Describing myself as a color…BRUISED. Because I can be deep purple, or fading yellow or black and non descript and dark.
-Favorite place and why- my bedroom. It’s my safe sarcophagus away from madness.
-Fave food- pizza, spaghetti, burgers, fries. Standard unhealth American fare and I’m NOT giving it up to eat Kale.
-Fave book- The Outsiders. Proof that bullies and social classes have terrorized teenagers for so long, it’s amazing it hasn’t become some social justice cause.
-Why do I enjoy writing/blogging….Hmm. Because I can write and I do love writing. Blogging is my venting, my therapy.
-Music I enjoy…OH FRICKING HEAVY METAL, DUH. But I also like my retro 80’s pop, hair metal, Eminem, and even some current pop and a couple of country songs. I like to keep an open mind. Long as it isn’t opera. ANYTHING BUT OPERA.
-hobbies aside from writing…Crafty hot glue stuff, coloring pages, word puzzles, watching TV, listening to music, going to yard sales and thrift stores
-Favorite song “The Kill” by 30 Seconds To Mars. Band/artist? Right now, it’s my beloved Wednesday 13 and Murderdolls, in addition to Falling In Reverse and Motionless In White.
-my eye color…plain old brown
-I speak to both my parents. Good relationship…Um…Dysdunctional but speaking is good, right?
-I have renamed myself many times. Since my parents slapped me with a legal name they never called me, I figure I can just become who I want to be. Nicole Noir seems to be the name I’ve stuck with the longest as a pen name, but I LOVE being Morgueticiaatoms.She’s such an awesome ghoul scout.
Daydreaming? I suppose. I do fantasize about that home with the moat of hungry gators to keep visitors away.
-Very hungry go to meal…I am super lazy so beef jerky, pepperoni slices, or celery slathered in peanut butter. Whatever it takes to quell the gut goblins cries for nourishment until I feel like cooking.
-I would love to learn to play guitar.
-I like quirky blogs that are personal and honest and put even the ugly stuff on display. If it reads like a technical manual, especially on mental health, I’m out.
-Love to sing. Only sound good doing country and pop music karaoke, sadly.
-Best way to recharge after life in the dish has drained me…Stay home a few days and avoid people and phones aside.
-I dream of having an animal shelter charity so NO ANIMAL is ever euthanized and they all find their forever homes.

Okay and now for the Vincent/Irut questions.

***Best thing about blogging- well, venting and making others either laugh or hear them say my post resonated.
*** Favorite cuisine…Grease. See above.
*** Being a woman is a blessing because I am emotionally available and not stunted by society to be a stoic automaton allergic to displaying human emotion based on possesion of a certain body appendage.
*** Technology that scares me? Cloning, choosing the gender of a baby in a petri dish, and these virus seeking drones. Too Orwellian.
***Science and tech that amazes me…Well, having a full sized computer in my palm via a phone is pretty damn amazing. And all the illnesses that can be treated now, that;s pretty awesome.
*** Biggest fetish…GUYS WITH LONG HAIR. I walk up to strange men and ask if I can pet their hair. My kid is mortified but I’ve been doing it since I was ten years old. I just like long hair. Not beards. Just long silky finger combing hair.
**** Arrogant snobby rude people make me cringe the most.
**** favorite song line? I have two, gotta have a rocker and a ballad
From Wednesday 13 “I cannot resist…these middle fingers on my fist” from Not Another Teenage Anthem
“What if I wanted to break…laugh it all off in your face…what would you do…” The KIll, 30STM.
First love again? Nope, too young, all the wrong reasons, but I’ll always have a warm memory of him at least.

Now anyone who wants to paticipate can do so without me singling you out. Because we all follow each other and at some point, the overlap is going to make us all insane. Join in, don’t join in. But above all, have fun. πŸ™‚

14 Responses to “Real Neat Blog Award and Stuff N Things”

  1. I loved reading your answers and you have made the sound of these awards and the whole idea of nominations so much fun. Wow!!
    All the best niks

  2. yes another thing, I agree with you totally on why its a blessing to be a woman. And, really?? guys with long hair?? I’m intrigued. πŸ˜€

    • morgueticiaatoms Says:

      My first crushes were men with long hair. The more my dad told me it wasn’t normal for men to have long hair, the more I liked those guys. Still do. I really really do have a hair fetish. I like hair pieces and wigs myself even though my hair is thick and long. I just like playing round with looks.

      And hair. Always the hair. Though I don’t ask women if I can touch their hair. Women tend to think you’re hitting on them when you say that whereas men seem to take it as a compliment. It’s bizarre. πŸ˜‰

      On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 3:06 PM Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Woahhh!! Playing around with hair and experimenting with looks is something I love as well … but U have mastered the love for hair πŸ˜† niceeee

      • morgueticiaatoms Says:

        I am gonna do beauty post at some point showing off my wigs and hair pieces. It’s so much fun and really cool when people think it’s my real hair then see me another day with a different color and style and are like, what the hell….FUN.

      • Im already excited for your beauty post.. I think you should seriously give it a shot.. and Ill be your biggest follower🀣🀣

  3. oh, but imagine if we were the blessed ones with the appendage…what fun we’d have zipping it up into trousers sized too small…..or flinging it out to pee……yea, that ain’t even gonna happen thank goodness! Loved your answers woman, and grats! you DESERVE accolades!

    • morgueticiaatoms Says:

      I think there is poetic justice that now in the states if men are spied whipping it out in random alleys they can be charged with a sex crime for exposure. Keep it in your pants like we have to, numbskulls, and use your potty training skills :p

  4. I really enjoyed reading your answers. πŸ™‚ It’s a cool idea to merge few awards into one post, I do this too if I get a few of them, it’s much easier and less absorbing, and probably even more fun in a way.
    Even though I’m not the one to eat junk food all the time, I agree that it’s way better than kale!
    I think it’s cool to be open-minded about music. As I wrote in my award post, I like metal too, even though I don’t listen to it as much as I used too. I dislike opera as well and really don’t understand it on the emotional level, even though i have tried to.
    I really like the way the name Morgueticia sounds and looks.
    Your dream home sounds great to me! πŸ˜€
    You’ve mentioned on my blog in the past that you and Spook like to eat cellery sticks in peanut butter and that felt very surprising a combination to me, but I’ve tried it a couple times since then and it’s really good.
    I really liked what you said about being a woman and agree with you on that.
    Cloning and eugenics are scary indeed.

    • morgueticiaatoms Says:

      I am honestly surprised how many people have said they enjoyed my answers. I’ve seen a lot of ‘award free’ labels so I didn’t think anyone would pay too mind to what I had to say.
      If you want to hear another bizarre snack choice, the ex got me eating celery with spray can cheese on it. I thought it was weird AF but it tasted good to me. Spray cheese may be something only the U,S. sells for all I know, it’s def not healthy but it is fun. I make crackers for Spook all the time using it with emoji faces on them. πŸ™‚

      • Huh, cellery and spray cheese sound bizarre but interesting. I don’t think it’s available here though, so it’s possible that it’s just a US thing.

      • morgueticiaatoms Says:

        Yeah, aerosol cheese does not exactly sound like something any country but America is insane enough to make or eat πŸ˜›

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