Community Post-The Bipolar Coaster…

Please do wander over to the blogger community and read my new mental health post there

And a piece of art from my own little Spook-casso:


7 Responses to “Community Post-The Bipolar Coaster…”

  1. Well done Spook! The top reminds me of a Crown! Maybe a hidden message in there by Master Artist Spook.

  2. […] Community Post-The Bipolar Coaster… […]

  3. Saumya Agrawal Says:

    Oh I thought pineapples were difficult to draw. Spook made it look easier to me 🙂

    • morgueticiaatoms Says:

      She has always had this amazing ability to just see something and draw it, no tracing, no real frustrations doing it. I have things she did at age 4, like my Halloween candy dish of Freddy Krueger, and it looks better than anything I could ever draw. Guess we all have our little creative gifts.

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 8:46 AM Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Saumya Agrawal Says:

        yes 🙂
        always keep them safe. She’ll adore them when she grows up

    • morgueticiaatoms Says:

      She made another one on the sidewalk today so I’m gonna post the chalk drawings, you should check it out. It will be very brief 😉

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